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Master Guitar Online is a growing library of instructional videos and lessons to help maximize your guitar improvement.

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Improvement means change ©

“Improvement means change, if you keep practicing in the same way you have been practicing during these past months, you will keep getting the same kind of results for the future months and that will eventually lead you to a “plateau”; that means, a level which seems impossible to surpass. In this series, Dr. Costa challenges you to commit to many of these changes, one at a time.”

Stand-alone Videos

This list is comprised of videos that have no category, many of them are answers to my Skype students or homework assignments, others are technique workouts, others are general practicing information.

Practice Strategies

These are practice strategies for guitar players of all levels. The most important element in practice is not WHAT to do, but HOW to do it. You can apply these strategies and change them every once in a while. It is important to always keep an open mind and try different types of approaches in order to master the classical or fingerstyle guitar.


These are lessons focused on how to play specific pieces. You will have the chance to understand and notice the nuances of musical interpretation combined with specific technical advice.


You will learn how to use your hands and fingers as if they were the harmonious working parts of a perfectly engineered engine. Find ideas and specific exercises in this section.


The following items are NOT part of the membership


Pathways to Guitar Excellence ©

Pathways to Guitar Excellence © is a teaching and learning philosophy that enables guitarists to maximize their performance. This Intensive Multimedia Course works like a Personal Trainer for Classical Guitarists. It not only gives you specific step-by-step instructions on how to improve, but PERSUADES you to take action as well by the use of motivation. Dr. Costa is a Touring Classical Guitarist, D'Addario Artist, 1st prize Winner of 10 International Guitar Competitions and was invited to perform at many venues including the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York.

Eduardo's Arrangements

Here you will find my own arrangements of several songs. This is the only item on this page that is not part of the library, arrangements are sold separately. I have plans of adding special videos to the library regarding performing these pieces, but the scores can be purchased here.

Skype Lessons

Need personal guidance? Dr. Costa is teaching online guitar lessons using "Skype Audio & Video Conference Technology." It's now possible to sign up for a true one-on-one high quality guitar coaching session with Dr. Eduardo Costa from the convenience of your own home!

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