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Gift my guitar lessons to someone! Do you know anybody that plays or wants to learn how to play the guitar from scratch? Here is the extra push they might need :) - I teach online (through Skype) or in person at my studio close to Oracle and River. I teach Acoustic and Electric Guitar covering all styles and preferences. Sample Acoustic: - Sample Electric Guitar: - Please share with your friends!



Have you ever wondered what would it be like to take private classical guitar lessons from Dr. Costa? Dr. Costa is teaching online classical guitar lessons using "Skype Audio & Video Conference Technology." It's now possible to sign up for a true one-on-one high quality guitar coaching session with Dr. Eduardo Minozzi Costa from the convenience of your own home!

Dr. Costa has coached students from 9 countries and counting: United States, Canada, France, Australia, Portugal, Japan, Germany, Brazil, and India.


- Pathways to Guitar Excellence © - Executive Coaching:

Dr. Costa will coach you in person (through Skype) on EXCLUSIVE topics discussed in Pathways to Guitar Excellence ©.
Available ONLY for people who have purchased the PGE system.

- Mastering Classical Guitar Technique:

Develop your technique with Brazilian virtuoso Dr. Costa as he performs classical guitar technique exercises with you in real-time!

- Developing the Repertoire:

Master your repertoire. You choose the piece and Dr. Costa will coach you.

- Preparing for a Classical Guitar Competition:

Dr. Costa will prepare you to perform at a specific guitar competition.

- Preparing for an Audition:

Dr. Costa will prepare you to audition at a school or conservatory.

- Learn a piece together:

Dr. Costa will learn a piece in real-time with you. 


How does it work?

It is very simple. You and Dr. Costa will schedule the first online classical guitar lesson according to your time zone and he will call you on Skype on the established day and time. During your series of classical guitar lessons, he will ask you some important questions in order to better guide you, and will establish a plan that works for you by outlining two or three things to accomplish for the next week.

You just need:

1- Computer

2- Skype (a FREE software) - download and install the latest version here


I wish to express my gratitude to you. I've sought multiple teachers in the past few years, and just the short amount of time I've spent with you has been one of the most rewarding and productive series of lessons to date. You have a gift not only for playing music, but for connecting with others and sharing your wisdom. Keep it up. Our small world of classical guitar would be benefit immensely if more players and instructors shared your enthusiasm, positive outlook and your organic approach to the instrument. - Andrew Angelle

I have been studying classical guitar with Eduardo Minozzi Costa for about a year now. We do this via Skype so that I don't have to leave home. Every time we study he tells me something that changes how I play about 2 -3 other pieces! If you are interested in seriously studying guitar, make him your first choice. - Kevin Benbow



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